Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support Questions

Time Frame

The cumulative process of building, testing and inspection by our quality assurance team typically takes an average of 7-10 days. This time frame may vary depending on the time of year, and any complications we may encounter during the 72-hour stress testing phase your PC must endure without any errors or signs of bottle-necking.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will only be charged if the receiving address resides in Pennsylvania, which is where our facility is located. Pennsylvania sales tax is currently 6%.

Computer Options

What options you choose during the customization process is dependent on what your new gaming PC will primarily used for. If you have any questions on what hardware you should be focused on, our support team would be more than happy to help you customize your computer!

Expired Warranty

If you have a Cyberware Computer and your warranty has expired, have no fear! You're still covered with lifetime technical support from our in-house support team composed of the same technicians that built your computer.

Technical Support Questions

No Video Signal

  • Examine the connections between your monitor(s) and your gaming PC to ensure they are properly connected.
  • If you have a dedicated video card, ensure you are not connecting your monitor to any onboard video output.
  • Make sure the correct input is selected on the monitor.
  • Check the cable connections between the dedicated video card and your power supply. Also inspect that the video card is properly seated within the PCI slot on your motherboard.

No Audio

  • If you have a dedicated sound card, please confirm that your speaker system is not connected to the onboard audio built in to your motherboard.
  • Ensure that each input that is connected corresponds with the designated port for proper functionality.
  • Verify that your sound system is not powered off or muted within your Operating System.

Shipping Damage

All of our systems are extensively tested and passed through a quality assurance review before leaving our facility. However, despite many preventative measures, shipping could cause damage or dislodge a crucial component in your PC. Shipping damage must be reported to us immediately (within 3 days) for us to quickly get it resolved and repaired at no cost to our customers. We recommend inspecting the computer inside and out upon arrival.

If you have received a computer that may have been damaged in shipping:

  • Reseat all memory, video card, sound card, PCI card drives and verify that the "24-Pin" motherboard power cable and "4-Pin" CPU power cable are secured to the motherboard.
  • If the above does not solve your issue, or you do not feel comfortable doing so please document the shipping damage with photos and call the shipping carrier immediately to report the damage.
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