NZXT Kraken X42, X52, X62 Release and Overview

The all new NZXT Kraken X Series Liquid Coolers have been released with improved cooling performance and an aesthetically beautiful design. The new coolers are available in 120mm, 240mm and 280mm radiator sizes.

NZXT's new Kraken X42, X52 and X62 liquid coolers have been released, all utilizing the new Asetek Gen5 pump with substantial custom modifications that set it apart from other liquid coolers on the market using the same Asetek pump. The new coolers from NZXT feature variable fan speed, variable pump speed (redesigned for quieter thermals), reinforced textured tubing, all new Aer P Fans, and advanced RGB lighting control hidden beneath a custom pump plate with an infinity mirror affect. A video below posted by NZXT shows off the stylish new CPU coolers.

The included NZXT CAM software allows you to fine tune your liquid cooler to achieve the perfect balance between performance and keeping your PC running nice and quiet. The software allows for independent regulation of pump and fan performance, while allowing full control over additional options, like cycling through different RGB lighting presets and operation modes.

NZXT Aer RGB LED FansAlongside with the new Kraken series, NZXT is releasing their new "Aer P" high static pressure fans. The fans will be included with the purchase of any Cyberware Gaming PC with the cooler selected as their CPU cooling option, as well as sold seperatly as premium enclosure fans. The "Aer P" series feature chamfered intake and exhausts, winglet designed fan blades, vibration dampeners for silent operation, and fluid dynamic bearings. They also come with three different color choices to coordinate your build's color scheme. NZXT's new "Aer P" fans also have a cooler big brother - the "Aer RGB LED Fans". The only difference being the beautiful RGB lighting surrounding the fan blade.

The new NZXT Liquid Coolers are scheduled to be available near the end of November, 2016.