AMD Ryzen Chipset Release and Overview

AMD is releasing their brand new chipset, the Ryzen (Zen). The Ryzen comes with a new design and brand new, up-to-date features. 


It's been five years since AMD has released a new processor chip and shook up the market. Now they are back at it again with a chip that surely will rock the PC world. With their first demonstration of the Zen chip (renamed to the Ryzen chip) at E3 2016, AMD is planning on starting 2017 off with a huge bang! While finally switching to the 14nm FinFET process, making the Zen a direct competitor to Intel's flagship chip the i7-6900K. AMD is marketing the chip for a variety of uses. Ranging from servers to workstations to a media center PC and the all-in-one PCs. Having only a slight idea of when the Zen will come out (Q1 2017) PC users and CPU enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of this revolutionary chip. Even here at Cyberware Computers our office dog Oakley is wagging his tail in eager anticipation.


The new Zen(Ryzen) chip has a brand-new slew of scene crushing specifications. Ranging from their 8 cores to their 1331 pin AM4 socket motherboard. AMD's new chip will be sporting the impressive 8 core, 16 thread 3.4 Ghz processor. Alongside this, the Zen has decided to once again one-up themselves by adding in a 20mb cache. Adding the 20mb cache is a big step for AMD because they have been using the standard 8mb cache. Smart Prefetch is another feature that is included with the brand new Zen. All of this is met with another big step by AMD which may be a refresher for advent AMD users. Zen chips are getting a major architectural overhaul. This is considered a huge change in design, for AMD has not changed the way things have looked since the Bulldozer was released on October 12, 2011. These incredible, technological feats are met with yet another ingredient, the 1331 pin AM4 socket. 

Make Ryzen
Cores Eight (8)
Process 14nm
Frequency 3.4GHz
Cache 20MB
Memory Channels 2
Socket AM4

AM4 Socket

The AM4 socket is a great new addition to the new AMD Zen architecture. As an outstanding socket, the AM4, again, comes with a 1331 pin count and can support DDR4-compatible memory. This will be the first-time AMD is supporting the DDR4 feature. AM4 has a slew of other features coming with it, including additional PCIe slots, enhanced sound, SATA express, SUSB 3.1 gen2, and 10GB/s of connectivity. AMD, making the AM4 a shared socket, makes upgrading from base APU systems to discrete graphics cards. One last heavy hitter the AM4 has is making the CPU capable learning programs faster.

For any computer gamer the Ryzen is a must have. For people who like to upgrade their own custom gaming computers, to people who are just starting out in the expansive world of PC gaming. AMD is starting out 2017 with a huge knock-out and everyone is hoping they don't let the momentum die out. There is still no price released for the Ryzen, but speculation of price has gone from $500 to more than $1000. Intel must come at AMD with an answer to Ryzen, and I am sure that they will come back two-fold. Now, waiting is all we have left to do, and I am sure the wait will be more than worth it.