Performance of Gaming Desktops


We are obsessed with ensuring your new gaming computer is utilizing every last bit of performance available. Things like superior chassis airflow, power delivery, cable management and the expert fine-tuning secrets that we have learned over the years are all part of what separate us from our competitors.

Quality of Gaming Desktops


Building custom gaming computers isn't just about putting parts together, it’s how our technicians express their artistic ability. Each computer is built by one of our skilled technicians with years of experience. We take pride in using strictly top tier hardware in our systems and delivering the highest quality product to ensure that it will be much more than just a computer.

Stress Testing of Gaming Desktops


High end gaming systems require extensive testing to ensure performance issues will not arise under load. The processor, memory, graphics cards, storage and even the power supply are carefully monitored while under heavy stress before our quality assurance team will stamp its approval.

Technical Support of Gaming Desktops


Every purchase includes free lifetime support by the same technicians that built your PC. Our focus revolves around the customer experience and we strive to resolve any issue with your custom gaming computer as quickly and efficiently as possible. As fellow gamers, we know how frustrating downtime can be.

Industry Wide Partnerships & Recognition

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